Over 100 vital functions including filtering, cleansing, manufacturing and digestive functions that it performs, the liver has the amazing ability to regenerate and return to its original size, even after the removal of up to 75 percent of the organ.
Hepatology is the medical specialty which deals with preventing, diagnosing and treating liver diseases. Liver disease occurs due to various causes. Alcohol happens to be the commonest cause. The lifestyle liver disorder known as Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a growing problem. Some viruses which remain silently in the liver for 2-3 decades (Hepatitis B &Hepatitis C), iron over load, copper metabolic defect and many more genetic disorders can result in liver damage.
Most causes which induce liver disease have one thing in common, the disease silently progresses in 2-3 decades and then surfaces. The early silent stages are ideal time to fully cure while the late symptomatic phases mostly palliation is possible. Hepatologists generally get to manage only advanced stages of liver disease when long drawn silent liver damage results in liver scarring and complications related to raised liver pressure . Liver cancer and jaundice are also late manifestations of liver disease

To turn Yellow Is too Late!

Whatever be the cause of liver insult, generally it takes 2-3 decades for the liver to get swollen (inflamed) and subsequently accumulate scar tissue (Fibrosis) and turn into a stage with significant irreversible damage known as cirrhosis of liver. The point to be noted here is that the years of damage which happen is essentially silent; In contrast, once cirrhosis sets in there is no curative treatment possible with medicines. Liver transplant happens to be the only option. Detecting liver disease in the silent phase can result in complete cure, but this indeed is a challenge. Without symptoms, patients won’t reach the health care facility. Not only that early detection is complete cure, early treatment before permanent damage sets in incurs less cost. A liver transplant can be as costly as 18-20 lakhs, while treating viral hepatitis C which caused cirrhosis is less than Rs.50, 000.Same is applicable to various other causes of liver disease.
But this “nip at the bud” strategy can be applied only if the public is aware of modes of genesis of liver disease and preventive strategies. Hence community Hepatology has immense importance . This would include liver health awareness camps, outreach clinics and digital and print media based public education strategies. Willingness to undergo screening programs to detect liver disease in the silent stage forms backbone of comprehensive liver care aiming at cure.

Comprehensive Liver Care

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Encompasses management of entire spectrum of liver diseases starting from preventive strategies , screening and early detection , management of cirrhosis and complications due to increased liver pressure, surveillance for liver cancer in high risk individuals , assess need for liver transplantation and ensure long term survival after liver transplantation.
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